Disney’s and Facebook’s Exclusive OTT services… A Positive Prospect?

The landscape of the TV industry has been evolving since the rise of streaming services. With the availabilities of data about consumer behavior and engagement, companies- big and small – have been vying on opportunities to stream content or even create their own content from scratch. Amazon and Netflix already have their own production studios and Apple is steadily establishing itself as not just a hardware and software manufacturing brand. But it is a first for a big media conglomerate, Disney and a social media platform, Facebook to enter the scene. To target the right audience at the right time, maximize profit from advertising, determine audience preferences and to make accurate recommendations, what both companies need is a streaming analytics tool that goes beyond ratings and quality of experience. In other words, they need a tool that analyzes in-depth about their content, audience engagement and behavior from tracking media players.

With a few cable show directors and producers being offered better salaries at streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Studios, including ABC’s Shonda Rhimes, it will not be long until actors and talent to find their places there.

As much as consumers love Disney and Facebook, will they be content with how these companies are expanding their services by creating of their own content and streaming service? Or will they stray away from using these services altogether because of the sheer variety and inconvenience? Only time will tell.

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