Nielsen and Binge Viewing Trends


Nielsen Holdings, a data measurement company known for analyzing cable TV ratings, have now expanded to include social media. Due to an exponential popularity of video sharing on social media especially among millennials, it is unsurprising that Nielsen has made such decision. Nielsen’s data will be helpful for OTT streaming services to gather more qualitative data about their viewers and gather insight about how to attract advertisers and buyers to increase reach and engagement. Its move reinforces the notion that there is still so much data to be mined and analyzed. However, increasing content ratings to include social media platforms is an advantageous move vital to understanding consumer behavior. One of these consumer behavior is binge viewing, a trend coined to describe watching a large amount of content back-to-back.

The Diffusion Group (TDG) recently reported that binge viewing is particularly common among young adults- with 58% of those aged 18 to 24 binging daily. This type of behavior has even reached the point where binge consumers have been categorized by the degree of their watching behaviors: heavy, medium and light.  Binge watchers of content are now compared to those of binge eaters or binge drinkers not only on the basis of their label, but their behavior. Consequently as TDG’s findings suggest, age plays a big role in watching behaviors and streaming services must be aware of strategizing content to cater age groups that maximize profit.

Nielsen’s inclusion of social media platforms and TDG’s data on binge viewers demonstrate the need for services to utilize an analytics solution that helps them understand better about their audience. Nielsen suggests that content is key to discovering trends on sharing and usage, while TDG implies that content affects watching behaviors such that a new group of viewers has emerged.


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