Bitmovin and Streamlyzer Partner to Deliver Video QoE Suite with Sophisticated Adaptive Streaming Player Technology and Real-Time Analytics

Bitmovin and Streamlyzer Partner to Deliver Video QoE Suite with Sophisticated Adaptive Streaming Player Technology and Real-Time Analytics


In the cut-throat video market delivering compelling content in itself is not enough. Companies spend billions of dollars annually to ensure high Quality of Experience (QoE) in order to keep their audience focussed on their content, and the ads that support them.

Bitmovin has built their business largely around QoE offerings, including adaptive video streaming technology. By combining the Bitmovin adaptive streaming player with Streamlyzer’s Analytics, content owners are able to leverage the Bitmovin advantage to deliver their content using the most sophisticated protocol available: adaptive streaming over HTML5. Combined with the real-time analytics of the Streamlyzer plugin means that all the critical information pertaining to viewer behavior is ready when you need it.

Our extensive research evaluating consumer behavior has shown us which events have the greatest impact on the viewer experience, both positive and negative” said Stefan Lederer, Founder and CEO of Bitmovin, Inc., “With the Streamlyzer plugin for Bitmovin’s Adaptive Streaming Player, our customers can now monitor, in real-time, how performance impacts their bottom line, and importantly, know which parts of their chain are working well, as well as which aren’t.”

“Having success in the online video service industry is not easy in such a crowded market,” said Eric Kim, Founder and CEO of Streamlyzer, “Media player and analytics should be combined to drive growth and enable seamless content delivery for the best experience. This partnership will be the fuel that drives the best QoE, ease of access, knowledge of the audience, and effective video monetization, offering innovative ways to understand the target audience and build a profitable business.”

Advantages of the combined technology include:

  • No Buffering – Buffering is the #1 cause of abandonment by viewers. The Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player is able to sense the bandwidth conditions of each viewer and deliver the optimal bitrate.
  • Low Startup Delay – Videos will start playing in a fraction of a second
  • Real-Time QoE Monitoring – Enables businesses to stay on top of the user experience through real-time tracking of user engagement across all devices
  • Audience Engagement Insights – With audience-centric insights, businesses can understand their viewer’s engagement level with which content and distribute effectively to maximize viewership. Streamlyzer enables streaming businesses to track and segment audience into geography, age, gender, assets, etc. and determine the most effective acquisition source.
  • Content analysis- Analyze content consumption in real-time by understanding which content yields the highest view per hour or which genre is most loved by audience. Effective targeted programming strategy attracts more audience and maximizes viewership.
  • A/B Testing- The unique and powerful feature of Streamlyzer that allows streaming businesses to A/B test different versions of your videos to see which version drives more engagement. Analyzing where the viewers dropped off from the video and which ad they watched or skipped can help build data-driven decisions on strategic ad placement.
  • Sleek and Modern Dashboard- Simplifies the challenging task of figuring out immense data to make fast and strategic decisions by providing actionable insights in one clear picture.

About Bitmovin: Bitmovin delivers video infrastructure for the web, making video content delivery faster and more efficient and improving user experience. Bitmovin’s Cloud Encoding Service is the fastest on the market, capable of encoding at over 100x real-time, which means a two hour movie can be encoded in just two minutes instead of the industry standard of several hours. The Bitmovin HTML5 Adaptive Streaming Player plays MPEG-DASH and HLS adaptive streaming videos with fast start-up and no buffering, without the need for plugins like Flash or Silverlight. More information can be found at

About Streamlyzer: Streamlyzer provides innovative solutions to OTT service providers and media companies. Founded by industry veterans, Streamlyzer helps streaming business deliver seamless streaming experience to their audience, anytime, anywhere. Our powerful analytics engine enables streaming business to monitor and analyze not only QoE but also audience behavior and contents consumption in real-time across full-range of devices. With these valuable insights, our global customers can make data-driven decisions to build more engaged, profitable audience. Streamlyzer is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and propelled by a highly-skilled R&D team in Seoul, Korea. More information about Streamlyzer can be found at

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