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3 Tools To Create Buyer Personas

The Technology Behind Buyer Personas

Buyer personas, those fictionalized, research-driven composites of your ideal customers, help marketers zero in on the customers they want to attract. Buyer personas factor into content creation, design, link building, and SEO. Consider buyer personas the foundation for your marketing strategy.

According to Buyer Persona Institute, 73 percent of organizations either have buyer personas or plan to in the next year. That means that by using buyer personas, you automatically gain an edge over nearly a quarter of the competition. So why not?

To create these fictional customers, marketers can gain insights by interviewing real buyers, as well as collecting data from online surveys, market segmentation resources (such as Nielsen and comScore) social media, web analytics, and other historical information. Technology can help with that.

Cool Tools

A number of new tools make wrangling mountains of persona data just a tiny bit easier.

  • Inbound marketing software platform Hubspot offers a free buyer persona template where you can plug in all of your research. It also has a Make My Persona tool, which customizes the buyer’s name, occupation, company role, and other information into a cool one-page graphic. A similar tool, Personapp, lets you add avatars.Persona Easy to Read
    Hubspot’s Make My Persona creates an easy-to-read summary of your persona.
  • Streamlyzer provides a real-time overview of your company’s revenue, active audience, assets, buffering, and more. It also lets you A/B test different versions of videos and analyzes how your data performs on different devices.
  • Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics provide useful demographic data. Social media manager Hootsuite even recommends LinkedIn groups to find out what topics are trending in a particular community. Forums such as reddit and Quora will allow you pose questions to a wide and diverse user group.

Analyze the message

Once you develop “CMO Ted” and “Business Manager Molly,” marketing automation and analytics can help you determine what messages will most resonate with those customers.

Create a lead nurturing campaign to test out content that you think will appeal to customers during each stage of the buying cycle. With the power of marketing automation, you can collect data such as click-through and engagement rates to determine what’s working. You can also use your favorite marketing automation platform to track how your audience responds to different pieces of content over time. This will help you determine the optimum prospects to target.

Marketing automation platforms can also analyze which channels perform best for your audience. By tracking leads from acquisition to close, you can see which channels generate the most leads, or the most quality leads, which generate the highest level of engagement, and which segment of your target audience clicks the most.

Web developer David Kutcher suggests Content Grouping in Google Analytics to gain insight. With Content Groupings, users can see how a group of content performs against the rest of the site or other groups. An NYC furniture store could create groups based on particular products. An NYC SEO company could organize by topic or by URL.

Final thoughts

Buyer personas are the foundation of a solid marketing strategy. Make best use of technology to discover how to reach your target audience.


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