Tutorial: Search a specific user’s experience

Do you get a call from your unhappy customers? How will you find out what problem the customer experienced from your service?

Dealing with Call Center Stress

Streamlyzer provides a great functionality for searching a specific user’s behavior and experience.

What’s required for a specific user searching?

To search a specific user, userId property in userInformation is used as the key for searching.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.20.11 PM

To set up userId, have a look at Streamlyzer developer document for each devices.

Where is search audience?

Go to Dashboard and select Audience->Search menu. Then you will get search audience dashboard like below :

Search User ID


3 Steps to search a specific user behavior and experience

  1. Input userid Enter user id you want to search
  2. Setup period – Set up the time period you want to see using smart date pick-up
  3. Update – Hit update button and wait shortly

TIP : Powerful auto completion – You don’t need to remember full string of userID. Just enter one or two first character of userID. Then Streamlyzer Dashboard will show the list of userID that matches with few characters you entered.

4 Important things to understand user experience

A. Engagement

  • Total viewhour – You can see how long the specific user watched videos in a particular period.
  • Daily average viewhour – You can see how long the specific user watched video daily.
  • Viewhour & hour column chart – You can see how long and how many the specific user watched videos over the time.

B. Demography – You can see gender and age.  Note :  Gender property and yearOfBirth property are required to see these data.

C. Enagement Segmentation – You can see what genre (category) video content the user likes to watch and which operating system the user mostly uses.

D. Quality 

  • You can see how the user experiences buffer time and start buffering time.
  • You can see what media player errors the user had in a particular period.

When you have a customer call, pull up audience search screen and satisfy your user armed with his specific experience information.

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