Choosing the Right KPI For Video Streaming Service


Understanding audience’s video streaming experience from an engagement and quality perspective is crucial for any video streaming business. Publishers that are not measuring audience engagement and QoE(Quality-of-Experience) are likely lacking the insight needed to engage, retain and grow their audience.

Some video streaming business solely depend on web or mobile app analytics to analyze their service, but these tools do not possess the right KPI (key performance index).Instead, they should utilize video streaming analytics which captures and analyzes every action that an audience makes while watching the video online. It is important to understand what the most valuable key metrics are as they are used to make data-driven decision for monetization.

Viewhour Is Revenue

The biggest mistake most of video streaming service providers make is that they are using UV(Unique Visitor) as KPI for their service. The big difference between Video Streaming Analytics and other analytics is that Video Streaming Analytics conducts viewhour-centric analysis, i.e. how long an audience watches online videos, which is the most important KPI in video streaming business. This metric has significant implication on how content providers can use their resource to maximize audience engagement. Ultimately, increasing viewhour results in more revenue for ad-supported business as the content providers can play more ads during playback, as well as for subscription-based services as the content providers can make decisions to increase the retention rate or decrease the churn rate.

For example, the viewhour can be converted to price for each hour of cable video as below:



Engagement Analysis

The analysis of video consumption pattern helps video publishers gain deep insights into their audience. This insight can be used to drive monetization by strategic ad placement, and to tailor future videos to maximize engagement. The followings are the most important key metrics for both on-demand and live streaming :

  • VH (Viewhour) :  The length of hours the audience watched videos.
  • AVHPA (Average Viewhour Per Audience) :    It can be expressed as

Viewhour / Audience

 It indicates the level of each audience engagement.

  • View : The number of times the video was played. It is beneficial to exclude plays with less than a few seconds of playback time.
  • AVPA (Average View Per Audience)  : It can be expressed as

The # of view / Audience

  • The Number of Audience : The number of audience who actually watched videos during a particular period.

QoE Analysis

The analysis of audience experience helps video streaming platform assess its performance and improve the quality of their

  • Start Buffering Time : Time between the click of ‘play’ button and the start of video playback.
  • Rebuffering Time : Time for buffering during the playback.
  • Average Bitrate : Average bits per second of video streaming.
  • Mediaplayer Error :  The number of errors during video playback

It is crucial for online video publishers to choose right key metrics for their business growth. It should be viewhour or engagement. It is important to understand how video streaming quality affects viewhour or revenue and make the right decision to invest the limited resources to maximize engagement.


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